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6 Reasons to Purchase an RV

#1 Take the kids

95% of people who camped as children said it had a positive impact on their adult lives, helping them develop an appreciation for the outdoors and for different people and places. Plus, RVs feel more like home than a hotel, making travel relaxing and familiar – no surprises here.

Bunks or trundle beds give kids a space to call their own.

Sleep soundly in your own bed with your favorite pillow so it will always feel like home.

Bike ride, anyone? Extra “basement” storage accommodates bikes and bulky gear.

On-board bathrooms save time on roadside pit stops and easily clean up messy hands.

Make spur-of-the-moment route changes along the way when something catches your eye

#2 Go Leisurely

Take control. You decide when and where to go and what you want to take with you. There’s no racing to catch a flight or long lines. There are no baggage limits or fees, nor shortage of legroom, so stretch out, take your shoes off when you want to and enjoy the view.

Your schedule is your call when you’re behind the wheel. Make unplanned stops along the way when something catches your eye. Stay as long as you like or hit the road earlier than planned. 

#3 Make your RV Yours

Some RV offer modified floor plans and amenities to suit your individual needs. Take the worry and uncertainty out of travel, and relax with all the comforts and conveniences of home. With a customized RV, the only unexpected surprises will be the discoveries you make along your journey. 

Some custom modifications offered include:

Wheelchair lifts or ramps

Wider entrances

Lower kitchen counters and cabinets

Roll-under sinks

Roll-in showers

#4 RV’s make a great base camp

Outdoor sports enthusiasts can have the best of both worlds. Spend the day in the woods or on the water, then relax and recharge. New ultra-light Travel Trailers make it easy to get in and out of the woods and convenient to get out of the cold. Outdoor showers mean clean gear for the next day and are great for cleaning the catch of the day for dinner. Full kitchens give you the option of dinner prepared indoors or over a roaring campfire. Locking storage compartments also let you store your gear safely overnight.

#5 Your 4-wheeler wants to get out more

Take your favorite motorized toys to the best places to ride. With built-in garages, the rear door of a SURV/toy hauler RV drops down to create a ramp. Motorcycles, ATVs and more roll in and out with ease, which means hello fun, good-bye boring weekends.

After a day of engine-revving speed, wash off the mud in your bathroom, cook up your favorite food in your kitchen, relax in your living room and fall asleep in your own bed. 

In some RV models, the ramp converts to a patio so you can relax outside when the vehicles are unloaded. If you like four-wheeling adventures, you’ll love the freedom of RV travel.

#6 Take a romantic getaway

Weekends away for two are a snap. With basic necessities kept stored in your RV, when the urge for couple time strikes, you can hit the road for spur-of-the-moment getaways. The rest is up to you. Sleep in. Stay an extra day. Take a detour on a whim. You’re in charge of your schedule, so do whatever your heart desires. 

Head to the mountains for the change of seasons, to the beach for sunsets and holding hands or to an out-of-the-way spot you discovered years ago. Rekindle the romance by spending time together.


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